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I play Ark on a MacBook Air 13-inch. I know, stupid right? Well on minimum graphics settings I can grind out a consistent 12 FPS on it, and I gotta say it adds a whole new level of challenge to the game. But when you are on minimum graphics settings, thing just don’t render in even when they are a brontosaurus-length in front of you. So I was out on my trusty trike looking for metal when I found some Iguanodons. I had never ridden an iguanodon so I looked β€˜em up here and the feedback was so positive I tamed one immediately. I was heading back home when I saw a couple raptors in front of me, and I decided I would go tame one of them. They both got away though, and a theri was nearby, so I turned around to get my trike and iguanodon and what do I see standing there but a car no and two little brown packs on the ground. I swear I heard a faint β€œburp!”

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