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A few things from a guy (me) who spent nightmarish 2h on 145 lvl without gates and cryoed dinos:

- just do it with gates, as you will be torturing yourself because of his broken AI, but remember to make some free space, as when I made him a trap with 4 metal gates he refused to eat as well to bite me, just stood there and did nothing (might be a bug)

- his taming meter nor blue riding meter do not get reduced by attacking or eating wild dinos on his own (haven't tested damage, but getting hurt certainly reduces effectiveness, so it's on the other hand very easy to tame it on 100% effectiveness)

- as there's x3 now on officials, for 145lvl you will be dropped off his back on around 60%+

- not sure if it scales with taming multiplier, but his blue meter above head while feeding him corpses can get filled by (2 trikes) or (2 carbo 1 phiomia/para) (just test anything around as you have nothing to worry because...

- it will never attack you when you drag a corpse, and when it sniffs just drop the body and stay near it around 3-6 times of ur body length away to make it still eat it (as it somehow ignores the body when I instantly run away some distance from it) and be ready to run away (you certainly can do so when it's got an audio of eating)

- if it sniffs the body and goes for a walk (stupid **** AI) you can always safely stay here near the corpse no matter what until 1 of 2 options happens: a) it will be stupid enough to just flee from you 200m+, which will reset the sniff thing b) will make a circle or just walk around you - never stay then IN the body, as it has already sniffed it and after the walk it can get near and eat it, so be ready

- carcha easily gets aggroed on structures - metal things are good, cus it can t destroy them (somehow stops aggroing on before placed structures after first ride)

- be cautious as when it gets enraged (after eating a wild dino) and you don't have a body (to make him peaceful) its speed increases drastically and is able to catch you very very very easily

- don"t stress yourself out about the drops off its back during taming itself, as it does throw you far enough to let you run away from it

- the taming after he drops you off its back does stay for pretty long time no matter how many wild dinos it will hunt during the process, and when it actually starts to decrease, the amounts by which it goes down are very niche

- not sure how hitboxes work, but it broke my leggings after one bite (you can still have 1-2 pieces of flak on yourself and live a bite if you have 200hp like me)

- during riding I realised that everything of trike size and smaller give around identical taming values (killing armies of meganeuras and titanomyrnas are very stonks) (remember I was dealing with wild dinos only)

- if you find yourself on terrain with low to medium amounts of dinos around you don't have to worry, as the time it gives you while riding is exactly enough

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