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Crack crack crack… what was that? Well if looks could kill you would have died right there and then, This is the Carcharodontasaurus! Wanna tame one yourself? Where to find some? Or maybe how to defend yourself? All of those will be answered in one massive tip! So let’s jump in!

So where would you find one? They have the same spawn points as gigas, so if you want to find eithor of these apex predators that’s where you have the best chance of finding them. (Do note that they are a rare spawn)

How would you defend yourself? If you don’t have a flying tame next to you, then you can consider yourself very very dead. Other than that Carcharodontasaurus have a gnash defect they can inflict, very similar to that of a Giga.

Alright and that leaves us with how tame one, starting with all the supplies you will need: a tribe mate, a wyvern, 5-9 metal gateways, a simple bed and foundation, some large beartraps, and loads of patience. Start by finding one, fly a decent 150 meters away from it, (to avoid grabbing its attention while making the trap) and place the metal gateways in a circle, while leaving a opening. (Try not to make the circle to small because the Carcharodontasaurus HAS to move or the taming process will break) now that the cage is set, place the beartraps in the middle of the trap. The hard part is getting the Carcharodontasaurus into the trap. Use the wyvern to grab the Dino’s attention and lure it to the trap, and right when it enters and hits a trap, you run behind it and place the final gateways insuring the Dino stays in. Have your tribe mate watch the Carcharodontasaurus, while you grab the wyvern and grab large dinos, or vise versa, and bring them back to the enclosure, have your tribe mate kill it, while you grab more (keep doing this until you have a pile of dead things). So now your ready for the grueling taming process: have your tribemate drag dead animals to you, while you (hopefully having armor on) drag it and hold it near the Carcharodontasaurus, (the Carcharodontasaurus should sniff the air, and walk towards you, reach down and eat the corpse) after eating the corpse you gain a friendship meter, (this is a good thing) however you have to be quick, with haste continue dragging Dead Dino’s to the Carcharodontasaurus, and when the friendship meter is completely full, break down the side of the trap, and ride the Carcharodontasaurus. It is not tamed yet, but this is the last step and it’s the easiest: Go on the worlds bloodiest merciless dino massecre you possibly can. Eventually after eating and killing enough Dino’s the Carcharodontasaurus will have full taming effectiveness and then you have your very own Carcharodontasaurus! :D

Thx for reading! :D

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