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After taming 3 carchars, this is what I have learned:

-the best way to trap these fellas is a 1x1 of metal dino gateways. You must have a bear trap in the middle of 3 gates to trap the carchar and then put up the 4th gate

-when trapped, the bastards will often refuse to eat, in order to fix this you can leave the corpse by it and simply go out of render from it. All tames must be out of render for this to work. If you left the corpse by it’s feet like I earlier said then by the time you come back the corpse will be eaten and the carchars progress will rise

-In the process of leaving and entering render to reset them, it a a must that you do this in a swiftly manner, as if you load in the carchar before you load the trap in the charcar has a large chance of meshing through your trap. I like to use a dino which can quickly elevate and dive for this

-when you have fed them enough corpses their progress bar will turn green and you can ride them, leave up the trap except for one gateway and start killing anything you see

-it is a good idea to head for highly populated areas instead of going for big kills

-elixirs do work on them so make sure you pop one when the car gets to 70% taming

-I’m not sure if this is possible with our rates yet, but if the car gets to a 99 kill streak it is very important that you roar. If you don’t and you hit a streak of 100 you will be kicked off of the car. Some dinos give a higher boost than just one, so if you feel as though you are getting to close to 100 you should roar sooner

-If you don’t get to 100% before the ten minutes is up it is much easier if you walk the car back into the old trap while you still have control of it. If you would like, you can also put up a new trap around the car while you still have control

-each time you have to feed and mount the car it’s timing effectiveness will tank. It will also fall if you take damage so make sure you don’t hit creatures with a thorn aspect like arthlos or kentros. It is also important that you negate all fall damage by jumping off of them because this drops their effectiveness as well

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