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Best way to tame these (based off what I've seen and this crazy thing I call logic and experience)

1. Cryo a baby dino or two that has high drag weight as adult (bronto/rex/spino/etc) you might wanna check drag weight vs your max weight and empty your inventory completely (keep the cryo of course)

2. Make a saddle for a carchar and bring that too

3. Find carchar on a fast flier/high health flier with high stamina

4. Lead carchar somewhere near lots of easy to kill, preferably passive dinos but keep it from starting its rampage

5. When the carchar is no longer aggroed, go a small, but not too small distance away, put the saddle in your flier's inventory if necessary

6. Uncryo your sacrifice(s) and end them

7. Walk up to (should be passive) carchar while dragging a body, if it sniffs and roars into the sky, dash to your flier/away from your flier if you're willing to save it.

Alternatively, if it sniffs politely and curiously, drop the dead body, if you brought two babies, grab the other one while breathing heavily, the carchar might eat both so stay back a fair distance, repeat the process with this one if necessary

8. If the carchar likes the offering(s), the carchar will smile at you and offer you a ride, if not, step 7, then step 1 again

9. Get up on the glorious murder machine and go to the dinosaurs nearby, do a spin for them and compliment their scales

10. Then demolish all of the dinosaurs in a roaring, gruesome rampage while they all beg for forgiveness

11. Once tamed, the carchar's spikes will hurt your butt and you'll have to get off

12. Give your carchar a saddle, now you'll feel better

13. Continue step 9 until you get bored and head back to base

-C [The Reaper Lover]

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