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What I personally have found to be the best way to tame thwse guys, besides just running around them wildly hoping to not be eaten-

Is to make a large circle with stone dinosaur gateways. They must be in a round formation, and I've found it is important that they are not touching/connected to one another.

Lead the carchar into it, and close off the way it came in.

After this, it should have plenty of space to move around, I haven't had issues with it biting the gates as long as you have a dead creature with you.

This way, you can easily run in and out and the carchar can easily walk around and not get stuck on corners and such that prevent it from doing its eating animation.

Baby rhinos is what I've been using, but baby brontos also work well and you can also carry them.

After youve got its friendship meter all the way up, tear down a gate, take them out, and get to taming it!

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