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This is literally one of the easiest things to tame, the animation for it eating a body is long enough to not need a trap as you can just shotgun another thing and take its body to get it into a new animation

after a few feeds you can ride it and start meatrunning all the wild dinos and after the 100th kill it will roar and knock you off making you kill a few dinos and feed it again

you can roar while riding it but the kill counter doesn't reset when wild and of you don't play on a boosted server or kill large dinos such as broncos only you will get kicked off

stat mechanics seem really similar to gigas including hp amount and the fact the melee goes up by 5 per point which would be 10 per mutation

The stam is better than gigas but still Regensburg slow however the amount gained per level is larger than a giga making it possibly worth 1 or 2 points in Stam on boosted servers but on low boosted its still probably better to do all melee (depends on what you want and how it scales with mutations and stuff I've only messed around with it for about 20 minutes)

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