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Best way to tame

1. Get some high lvl babies... health over 4k (the higher the level the more babies you will need so I take no less tab 5)

2. Find the freak

3. Make sure the area is clear of danger, throw the baby out and kill it

4. Drag baby over to the freak and wait for it to sniff and blood to come out its mouth, at this point it should approach and then eat the baby.

5. A green tame emblem will appear above it, run up to it and ride it.

6. Kill things to gain tame percentage

7. There is a lvl meter on the bottom left, once this hits 100 it will frenzy and you have to do steps 3-5 again. Freak will also frenzy if this lvl meter drops down or hits a certain lvl depending on the bigger the freaks lvl it is.

8. While killing try to take little to no damage from other dinos as this will hurt the tame lvls

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