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Easy Carchar taming method that I like using:

Use your throwaway tames, or tame diplos.

Level points ONLY into health. The more points into health, the more quicker you can tame the Carchar.

Next, find a Carchar, DO. NOT. TRAP. IT. It will not eat the corpses you bring if it is in a trap. It will also bug out, better to do it without one.

Now you have 2 options, use a throwaway tame or use any Dino in the area to feed the Carchar.

The best way I found, is to use an unclaimed tame that has a lot of points into health - preferably 100k.

Next, drag whatever corpse you chose to the Carchar, and WAIT for the sniffing animation. It doesn’t matter if you also walk up to it after it finished sniffing the air, it will solely focus on the corpse, make sure you run away asap though.

The more the corpse has health, the faster the Carchar will let you ride it. Please remember that.

After dragging the corpses and the Carchar is letting you ride it, you can either go around on a murder spree OR use your throwaway tames.

I used my throwaway rexes that had 100k health in them - here’s the fun part.

Instead of focusing on your Carchar munching away at the rex for 5 hours, you can whistle passive (before bringing taming the Carchar, recommend doing it before you start bringing the corpses) unclaim, then damage your tame till it is VERY bloody.

Once you did that, bring over your Carchar and make sure you are RIDING IT; manually attack your unclaimed tame, and boom. Taming efficiency goes up a bunch.

Highly recommend diplos or rexes with over 100k health as it will tame so much faster, don’t forget to damage them enough so it only takes a few bites for your Carchar!

TDLR: more health on dinos = faster Carchar taming.

Hope this helps!

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