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Dev1: Let’s make a spider!

Dev2: You mean like, a tarantula?

Dev1: No, silly! A Bloodstalker!

Dev2: That sounds ominous.

Dev1: Give it webs to pull in helpless creatures.

Dev2: Next?

Dev1: Hide it out of sight where you will never see it coming.

Dev2: Okay.

Dev1: Make it steal other creatures’ health.

Dev2: That sounds a little too dangerous…

Dev1: Shut up and get back to work!

Dev1: Make it really, really hard to tame.

Dev2: Boss minion creature I assume?

Dev1: No, the boss gets rexes, reapers, gigas, and dollar-store players.

Dev2: Why does every thing have to be so hard in this game?

Dev1: About that boss…

Dev2: Don’t tell me, it’s some sort of monster.

Dev1: Actually, we’re giving it Megatron’s head and flipping laser-eyes.

Dev2: *sigh*. What else?

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