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Left Trigger - When the web's get too tight, they will eventually break and you'll fall.

Right Trigger - You will latch to the area, pull tight and it will not break.

When tethered to two locations, holding right trigger will allow you to descend.

Left Trigger is for traveling, since when done right it will catapult you. Timing a jump right will send you flying.

You can pull back on two tethered spots and slingshot yourself.

You can drag wild creatures around and you can pull some fish out of bodies of water, which kills them.

Double Jump cancels web tethers.

Melee cancels web tethers, and is the only attack aside from webbing and pulling in.

Hold A/Jump to do a Super Jump, can also double jump. First jump is straight into the air. Second is directional.

While Tethered and near a wall Hold A/Jump to latch the Bloodstalker to the wall.

Regenerates Health fairly quickly with Bloodbags.

Perfect for Boss Caves on Rag and Abberation Zone in Val.

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