On flier enabled servers, have a friend whistle follow your bird once you are webbed or else your Argy might end up a meal. Lost my Argy when a 140 webbed me, then his “friend” webbed my bird. Had to watch helplessly as my bird was eaten in front of me. Tamed a 140, though.

Always carry extra blood bags. ALWAYS. They can pull you right off the back of your tame, even if it’s another bloodstalker. If you get a level you like and tame it, cryo it so you don’t “lose” it if another webs you. Still can’t find my LVL 22. Looked everywhere. They will eat unattended bloodstalkers. If you don’t have enough blood bags and it webs you and you don’t escape, parachute away, and get out, retrieving your bag is a nightmare. Don’t bring anything with you that you aren’t willing to lose.

If you bring enough blood bags and you are unintentionally webbed, well now you have a new friend. Enjoy.

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