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Couple months back: in Ragnarok

Me and my friend: going to the lowlands

Me: you sure dis a gud idea?

Friend: i think we will be fiiiiiiine

Me: whatever you say, dude

When we get there: friend: well i see a lot of stuff and a- AAA a ALLIGATOR

Me: *Kills it* done, ooh hey i see a paraceratherium!

Friend: ye- OOOOOOH

Me: what?

Friend: A FROOG

Me: oh no…

Friend: lets go tame it!

Me: no

Friend: yes!!!

Me; Fine


Skip forward 20 Minutes

Game: you have tamed a Beelzebufo!

We get home

Next adventure:

Friend: Huzzah! Huzzah! I ride the mighty Froog!

Friend: *huzzahs into a direbear*

Friend: OH SH-

Game: Your Froog (Beelzebufo) was killed by Direbear!

Also game: Your level 80 Friend was killrd by Direbear!

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