DodexX's Guide at taming things



- Passive oil mine

- Immune to electric shocks (electrophorus/eel, jellyfish)

- Immune to tuso/squid hug


- Long taming process due to the first feed in which you have to wait for its hunger bar to drop 10% to feed again

- Loses health in deep waters

- Slow turning

How to tame:

Get a good water tame (prefferably sarcosuchus or baryonyx) and get the manta's attention WITHOUT HITTING THE BASILOSAURUS, afterwards, kill all the mantas and then begin feeding the Basilosaurus, it is important to note that the time between first and second feed is long (abt 6 minutes), try to stay near your basilosaurus and kill any mantas/megs that come near it. That's it from me, bye.

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