Fun fact I found real useful, I have my base in the herbivore island and there's LOADS of these guys around. I know a lot of ppl say it's hard to tame but reality is (at least for mobile, not sure about pc or console) that if u don't want the mantas to attack, feed the Basi off a back of an aquatic tame. According to the dossier, the mats follow the basi to eat and once a player comes near they see it as a threat. But if another water tame comes it'll ignore, and let u tame the basi. I currently have 3 and I'm only level 41 on solo, very quick to tame, I recommend normal meat over fish meat if Ur a low level just cuz they tame faster for some reason. And what's more to these beasts, I don't have a saddle but at least now I already have access to oil, cuz this guy produces it, making kibbles as easy as ever. Hope it helps and have fun taming Ur basi :)


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