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How to tame basilosaurus

Where to find:

Basilosaurus are found in the oceans surrounding herbivore Island

Taming details:

Basilosaurus are passive tames that arent aggressive towards you at all and they are carnivores so feed them meat.


Basilosaurus are surrounded by mantas and they will attack you when you feed or attack the Basilosaurus, there are plesiosaurs,megalodons,leedsicthis and tusothuthis where the Basilosaurus are,


Basilosaurus are slow so you're underwater mount can keep up with it.

Abilities when tamed:

Basilosaurus are immune to jellyfish stings and eel shocks and cannot be grabbed by squid, they produce oil in there inventory but it spoils, they regenerate health fast near the surrface, they can shoot rainbows out of their blowhole using one of their attacks

Disabilities when tamed:

Basilosaurus lose health when they are in deep water

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