I recommend erheir raw prime, or raw prime fish meat.

I tamed mine with raw prime fish meat only, no soothing balm. I actually was pretty lucky, because a basilo spawned next to a leed, and a leed spawns next to a basilo. So I took all the leed's raw prime fish meat, and put it in my Bary. I fed it constantly, aware of oxygen.

Finally, I tamed it and named it Silo. Saddles are suprisingly unexpensive. These also spawn by Herbivore Island. Along with leeds. So I you see a basilo, look for a leed if you a trying to find one. Everytime I see a basilo, I see a leed. Be careful! When you feed it the mantas attack. Recommened mount, baryonx. Baryonx will stun the mantas, and you will be able to feed the basilo while on baryonx too. They come in variants of dark blue, or a pink, magenta color. They have a good bit of health, and do not aggro on you when you get close to it. Have fun with your basilo, if you read this. Goodbye -TinaZ

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