How to tame: Basilosaurus. You will need: Icthy with saddle, a nearby leed and a basilo to tame. Step 1: get on your icthy and scrape meat off the leed until you get prime fish meat. Step 2: find your basilo and put the meat in your hot bar. Step 3: feed meat to the basilo, don't worry, the mantas won't aggro on your icthy. TIP: The interval from 1st to 2nd feed take awhile, but after that it goes pretty quick, so after that interval, be on your guard. Step 4: Keep feeding until it's tamed. TIP: Before you start to passive tame it, bite it once, the mantas will swim away, then start to passive tame, you can still passive tame. Or you can bite it during 1st to 2nd interval. Step 5: there is your very own basilo! lead it back to yoir base and name it.

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