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just tamed one about level 15 or something with around 20 cooked prime meat, you can find a few around the little island in the south-east corner of the map. they'll usually have a few ichthy and mantas following them, the mantas will all attack you when you feed it, and once you kill them be careful to not accidentally feed your meat to one of the ichthy instead. the maximum depth the basil swims to is about the maximum depth you can safely swim to without drowning, you can swim down by yourself with no mount or scuba gear, feed the basil once with half air left, then swim up and breath right when you're about to start drowning. it's pretty terrifying. please bring a mount that swims faster than you or scuba gear or level up your air or something. don't tame with regular meat or fish if you're trying to tame the stupid way like i did, but if you want to tame it with lots of meat or fish make sure you can stay down there for longer.

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