New horizons chap 14 (I forgot to mention that Niko was captured too)

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New horizons chap 14 (I forgot to mention that Niko was captured too)

It was almost dark Nima and Laya found a cave they could sleep in in the morning they decided to look around "MOM LOOK I FOUND MY SPOT" "WHAT" "that means we're close to home but it also means that they have been spieing on us longer than we thought" "we go should check on the village" "my nightmare did come true anyway me leaving didn't do anything" Nima thought everything and everyone was gone they had to evacuate the town some of the eggs were destroyed taken or left behind Nima was looking for one egg in peticulur "MOM LOOK I FOUND MY SISTER" "phew thank goodness for that" they herd a twig snap they looked back ready to fight when they saw a red and orange otter named flare "hi I saw the attack sorry for the humans taking your eggs I managed to rescue a few I put them back in there nests hoping that the basilisks would come back for them but only you came back they went across a bridge" said the otter in a cute little voice since her family was also taken "THE ESCAPE BRIDGE WE NEED TO GET OVER THERE"Laya got scared that they were going to cut the bridge without them "take my sis and hide GO LITTLE OTTER GO" they got to the bridge in time just before they cut it "I hope my sister makes it in this human enfested world" my next story is in otter its going to be called drumroll please ................ Um can you help me pick a name for my story please I can't pick a name for it SINCE I HAVE A THOUSAND NAMES IN MY HEAD FOR STORIES AND NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD NAMES please help my thank you if you do

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