New horizons chap 7

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New horizons chap 7

So after dinner Laya went to Nimas room and talked about Pyro "Nima are you alright" "ya I am" laya sat on Nimas bed "are you sure" "I am mom...I'm sure" "well I'm right here if you need me ok "Laya said as she grabbed something with her tail "here your dad wanted you to have this" she wanted her to open it "what is this the megalo necklace dad used to were" Laya nodded "yes it is" "I thought dad brought this with him to the war"she said as she put it on "no he said if he does not come back to give it to you so do you like it" "YES" "good" "goodnight Nima" "goodnight mom the next morning Nima yawned as she woke up she saw her mom in the kitchen "hay mom" "hi Nima" "what are you doing mom" "I got news that the humans found us" "WHAT" "oh no oh no oh no I led them to us" she said in her head "how do we escape" she said worried she herd something outside there was fire every were humans were taking all the basilisk eggs and there tames were helping then she turned around and her mom turned into bones then she woke up gasping for air and she noticed that it was a just a nightmare

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