Though the broth is kinda hard to get, ( 1 black pearl, 5 rhino horns, citronal, rockarrots, savroot, longrass, fiber, mejos and the waterskin ) these guys are OP. First, their spit. Though I’ve never really played on servers and so have never seen a raid, I know that these guys are perfect for raids. The spit deals 35x the amount a regular attack would do, so it rips apart even journeyman flak. Then, their overall ability to break EVERYTHING. Stone, metal even goddamn TEK will be broken by these guys! Even the giga and titan can’t break those things! And lastly, the yeti cave. Known as the hardest cave on the island due to the yeti inhabitants and the creature level limit pass in there, the arthro’s ability to be completely ignored, even when attacking things, it does the job. Arthros should be an 100% definite tame. No matter whether you want one or not!

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