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Taming an Arthropleura is really simple

Note: there's always a risk of losing your genitals so be careful when taming

Step 1: Spoil meat. Because nobody will waste broth of enlightenment

Step 2: make bug repellent. Ghillie Armor isn't necessary, the bugs pretend you have ghillie

Step 3: Carefully approach Satan (he won't notice you)

Step 4: feed him spoiled meat

Step 5: cyropod it and get the hell out of there as soon as possible because you don't have the saddle.

Step 6: make a saddle

Step 7: realise it can't climb anything on mobile

Step 8: Get Depressed

Step 9: Realise nothing agroes it and that you can easily just speedrun caves

Step 10: Ascendant Long neck.

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