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To tame an Arthropluera(Mobile):

1. Tame a Pulmonoscorpius...you can unlock their saddles at a pretty low level.

2. Have at least 15 Spoiled Meat in your inventory.

3. Enter the cave of The Hunter (In the south of the Island).

4. Find Arthropluera.

5. Have spoiled meat in your hot bar, target the arthro, and scroll to spoiled meat..it will automatically feed it one

Note: only click on or scroll to spoiled Meat in your hot bar if the nametag of the arthro has a blue border.

6. Once tamed, exit the cave(don't worry about leading it out...it won't work).

7. Open inventory.

8. Click on profile.

9. Click on "Tames" button.

10. Select arthro, and hit 'Request'.

11. The Arthropluera will be teleported to your position.

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