I have a story, everyone!

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I have a story, everyone! I had an Argy. Her name was Toriel. (Ark Mobile BTW) I took her everywhere! She was level 65, but could take down an Alpha Raptor like that! She was amazing. But one day... it was the daily quest thingy. Kill 10 Dimorphodons. I thought, β€˜I’ll bring Toriel along!’ so I did. She helped lot. She killed them for me, and it was pretty easy. Until... I whistled her attack target. She charged. She and the Dimor circled each other, trying to bite. As they circled, they went up, and up, and up. To this day, I never saw Toriel again. But she never died. I never got the message. I searched far and wide for her... but no Toriel.


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