Here’s a story for all you bored peeps!

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Here’s a story for all you bored peeps! So, on Mobile, I had an Argy. Level 78. Her name was Toriel. I brought her EVERYWHERE. We could take down an Alpha Raptor! We’d kill anything that threatened us. But one day... it was the daily quest. A Kill 10 Dimorphodons quest. I thought, ‘Hey, let’s have Toriel help!’. So she did. I’d whistle her attack target on a Dimor, she’d kill it. But then... she began to attack one. They were both circling, trying to catch eachother, like they do. They went higher, and higher, and higher... I never saw Toriel again. She never died. She never landed. I searched day and night... but I never saw her again. #Pray for Toriel

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