Hello, all! Here’s a story!

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Hello, all! Here’s a story!

I had a spino named Bubbles. He max level (150) and a BEAST. I think he had maybe 30,000 health. He was so loyal, and so brave. Until it all went down...

Me and Bubbles were out hunting for EXP for my otter, Nibbles. We found two mated rexes, and attacked. We easily killed them both, and Nibbles got plenty of experience. Once we returned to the base, my tribemate was going insane, screaming. I raced over, still mounted on Bubbles, and asked what was happening. “We’re being raided!” He shouted in a horrified fashion. I immediately turned and raced out on Bubbles. He fought to his last breath, his last attack being driving a giga away from out argy, Toriel (#PrayForToriel). Sadly, Bubbles didn’t make it. But that act of bravery and his fearsome fighting won us that battle. So now, comrades, remember to appreciate your tames. They may eventually die, defending you loyally.

#R.I.P Bubbles

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