A song of compys and gigas(Chap7)

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A song of compys and gigas(Chap7)

In a field by far’s peak, tribe leaders meet at a giant table. These 30 or so men are all discussing a plan. Recently the confederacy issued a massive broadcast calling the sever to arms against INV. These 30 tribes signed up. United by their goal for a peaceful sever these tribes are ready to fight to the death for freedom. Bob sits at the end of the table and calls everyone to attention. “We come here today to discuss what we should do about INV...” he begins.” We at the confederacy are greatful that you are willing to help us in our goal for peace and prosperity. We have come up with a plan. I think we all know that INV has his headquarters on the volcano. So how about we strike there first.” The crowd murmurs. Whispering to one another about the idea. INVs headquarters the most heavily defended place on the sever. Making an attack will be risky... but then again they know bobs military skills and one by one they raise their hands in agreement.

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