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The Legend of Ellanora (Ep4)

(I remember making this already but I’m not seeing so imma do it again srry if it posts twice)

The figure came out from behind the rock, but it wasn’t what Ella had suspected. It was a child! No older then 7 either. She came out from behind the bush, but the child dropped to the floor, promptly tripping her. “Oh, sorry.” The kid said with amusement. “Thought you were someone else.” They offered their hand to help Ella off the floor. “I’m Rikera.” (Ree • KAR • a) “I’m Ella.” Ella said, allowing the child to lift her from the ground. “You’re pretty strong for a kid.” “Thanks.” Rikera said with a smirk. “You’ve got good reflexes for an adult.” “Point taken.” Ella responded with a grin.

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