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I saw one of these guys in the ocean floor while riding my…

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I saw one of these guys in the ocean floor while riding my ichthy and I was like "ya know I wanna see the ocean go mad and i attacked the ammonite..Then i swimmed to the surface with my ichthy and i see armies of mantas megalodons basilos cnidarias and even a leedsichythis wanted to kill me.I went to the surface and saw pteranodons and pelagornise's trying to kill me and my ichthy.After that the rage thing was over and everything wasn't angy and I was like "let's do that again with a basilosaurus!!!!!!"I mounted on my basilo and attacked the ammonite in the ocean floor went up to the surface and wow.Everything came to kill me and my basilo it was crazy!!! I even saw a mosa coming into the fight. Good thing my basilo was strong enough to kill them all.Soo many xp anyways that's all bye🤣

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