The redwood Allo

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The redwood Allo

Chapter seven

When I woke up, an ovirapter was pecking at the egg. I quickly lunged at it and clamped my jaws around it. It let out a squeal of fear before dying. Than I ate it. Shortly after that, I checked on the egg. The Ovi hadn’t gotten to far underneath the shell, only making a few cracks in it. After burying the egg in some foliage, I went out looking for food. All I found was a lystro and some compys. At least, that was everything that I could kill on my own. I did see three trikes, but I didn’t dare try to kill them, especially not with my wounds. Then, something caught my eye.

A baby stego, sleeping at the edge of its herd. It was still risky, but less risky than trikes. I thought for a while. And than I thought of a plan. This stego was a baby. And what do babies love more than anything? Food. So, I crouched down in the bushes and waited until night. The baby had woken up, but went back to sleep near the same spot. So, I quietly plucked a purple berry from the bush I was hiding in, and rolled it towards the baby stego.

Part eight coming soon

By Dragon

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