~Ivy Stings~ Part 6

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~Ivy Stings~ Part 6

The wind blew a cold mist into the area.. the cold made the Rex’s shiver and my compy quiver.. Turquoise the Tapejara was up in her flying pen with Tea Leaf.. I had just tamed my bronto, Nomad, and my beaver, Chipmunk. I went out into the South Cave with my strongest dire wolf, Blizzard. He was the Alpha of the entire pack. We head in to see a scorpion with snakes guarding the way through. We destroyed them along with an Arthro. There were some spiders in the way of the trophy so I killed them and snatched the trophy. We ran out full speed. There was a couple high lvl raptors at the entrance of the cave.. we might have let them in..? We destroyed them but the last one pinned me down. I almost died when blizzard came jumping onto the raptor from a high rock. I almost got to half health when it was killed. I hopped onto Blizzard and headed through the cold mist until we reached home.

Sorry for the long wait! I was dealing with school shenanigans. ⬆️ for part 7 :D

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