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Where the river runs red (chap two)

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Where the river runs red (chap two)

The war started two months earlier. When the leader of the alpha tribe known collectively as the legion left the sever for good a susesion crisis began as central order in the legion deteriorated. Eventually a pro democracy movement lead by fortnight Ryan decided to break away and form the first dodo republic. Or as the sever likes to call them. Republicans. On the other side is the loyalist Union. A monarchist movement lead by former head of foreign affairs named KING. Soon enough the sever was devided in three. Republicans on both east and west coast. And Loyalists in the middle. When war broke out. A brutal stalemate ensued. And now two months later. Nether side has managed to claim victory. And with supplies dwindling. The republicans need a new strategy to victory.... or else... a humiliating defeat will come...

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