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From Ben

Syl you dont have to end your story or rename it everything we write is non-canon to our stories so it shouldnt affect your story at all

honestly it depends for me on how long it takes to write a chapter. I write all parts for a single chapter at once, i just release it seperately because of the word limit. On good days i can pump out a 1k words per hour. On bad days it slows down. depends if im procastinating or not.

I only wanted to write Chapter 13 for superstious reasons. Pretty weird i know but its been like that since 2020zz given me lots of good luck. But now i just went for a walk so i dont care about writing Chap 13 anymore

So Sylveevee you will write Chapter 8

I will write 9

Sunny: 10

Wyvernian: 11

PrimalApex: 12

MGG: 13

Syl: 14

Ben: 15


yeah we're chillingp

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