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From Ben

SunnyFox GENERAL PAUL IS HERE and ready to kick Tom's butt woo hoooooo! Paul is actually peak Human even without powers he'd crush Tom. If the shadowy figure went for the real Paul he wouldnt see the light of day again. Also funny reference heh heh. So Emma is going to get her wise advice from Paul who got it from "Ben"? Eh probably not but itd make continuity. (When Emma rejected Michael she gave some wise words from someone named Ben) So now theyre off to the Dark Phoenix Castle, I wonder whats next

Wyvernian its up to you if you want to include Aurora or not in your chapter. it doesnt really matter. Maybe she can stumble upon the PoP cast while eating ice cream or smth dumb. Out of the TAOH cast Ruby has always wanted to be a chef so probably her (Although Neddy likes to join her in her passion) In TROTP Arianna cooks for her family all the time. And will the other characters meet? Yeah sure i dont see why not.

As for the size differences i think we should keep them at their true sizes for now for comical purposes. But then maybe theyll find a special potion or food that shrinks them down? Idk something silly.

Anyway im probably going to do a Dinner Scene with everyone for Chapter 8 is that fine? Then at the end of the chapter theres a doorbell and they go check it out and its Ultimus cast and Hopes Cry cast.

Alright seeya later

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