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From Ben

Just a fair warning to whoever is downliking our messages and stories that its annoying me, and i dont like to be annoyed by your pointless actions so if you keep this up I will not hesitate to purge all the uplikes from every single one of your stories in each section. Lets see who has the last laugh when you wont ever see your stories in the light of day again. Dont say i didnt warn you because i know its one person disliking TOT and Journey. PS: Whenever you spent your day scrolling through Yi Ling just to dislike our stories I upliked them nulling your attempt, so youre just wasting your time โ˜บ๏ธ Youre not making change downliking my messages either because theyll see it either way. Please buzz off, NOW. And dont say i didnt warn you. You insolent haters are just inconsiderate thorns in my side who only want things to go their way.

Anyway, I really liked the newest Ultimus chapter PrimalApex! I bet that weird noise was a corrupted creature at Arat Prime. And I really liked the small detail of night not coming because the rotation of Earth stopped in Extinction. And oooh, Andrews going to Sanctuary! This is gonna be interesting.

Sandmaster I really liked chapter 3 of ATLWCS! And Andrew is back! That makes 3 Andrews! Anyway, really cool chapter i cant wait for what happens next! Hopefully Artois doesnt get too mad Andrew knocked out one of his guards.

Waiting on TOT 4, hee hee.

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