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From Ben

Wyvernian, PrimalApex said that he'd contribute once he develops his story Ultimus a little bit more. Since it doesnt have much chapters yet.

Also, Sylveevee gets the stamp of approval from me and Sunny. Her story exceeds a newbie's story so I trust she will not ruin the crossover. 1. it has characters with unique personality 2. it has more than or 1k words.

Obviously we wont let some rando named Joe join the crossover with his 1 chapter story "The Strongest Joe".

Im thinking there should be obvious requirements for joining the crossover

1. Your story needs to be at or more than 3,000 words.

2. Characters must have depth or personality

3. There must be consistent writing schedule; ex: if it takes like six months to write a story thats a few chapters long thats not acceptable. This does not apply to burn out or breaks.

4. You need to have contributed to Achatina community. Or the Dex as a whole (such as dyes). That includes feedback on others stories, talking etc.

5. The Council of Crossovers (us) must approve of the writer. So of some the Unforgettable Ride creator shows up out of nowhere trying to join or, if i daresay, Mateo, they would have to go through community approval.


This is for joining the crossover

1. When do you want to join. Is it confirmed yes or no. Does not have to be now. If later plz say so.

2. Which characters will join. Please have 3-5 only. No more than 5 plz

3. When will they join in their story. Which version is it, Chapter 3 or Chapter 9 etc

4. Please give brief character personality and facts on your cast thats joining so that those who arent caught up can know.

Ok thanks

Btw pretty much almost all Achatina writers reach the requirement. Except the last, idk about that one.

My Approved Writer List: Writers approved by me (does not include those who already joined or those outside of achatina)

- MrGhostGamer

- SandmasterXD

- Moon

- Sylveevee

Hopefully i didnt forget anyone lolz

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