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More Q and A

Ben asks “Out of all the characters you’ve written, which one do you hate the most?”

-pat and doctor bubba

Ben asks “whats the most memorable scene in the stories you’ve read so far?”

-June having a fire ball in her hand and bringing it closer to someones face

Ben asks “would you consider adding paul to your story as a true side character? JK, but would you? Third question for real: if there is one thing you could tell to your favorite characters in the stories you’ve read (including yours), what would it be?”

-to adding paul i need to know what he’s like (i have barely any time to be on dododex), what i’d say to my favorite characters “your so amazing”

Ben asks “i hope this isn’t to personal but what was the biggest reason for picking your alias?”

-my biggest reason is bc I used this alias so many times on servers i play on and well…. Its my microscoft acc also (on servers if you see someone named selveevee, slyveevee, or sylveevee thats me yes i spell my username wrong sometimes) but my dad keeps changing to pass for my microsoft acc… also bc its a mix of my favorite eevee evolutions its a sylveon and eevee mixed.

Thats all the questions i could find for this q and a bye


Ben asks “i hope this isn’t to personal

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