Chapter 9 queen of abberation

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Chapter 9 queen of abberation

Time after time slyveevee and pat got into fights over if the known enemies should stay one day they had a bad fight over it slyveevee raged and turned into a reaper pat turned ro slyveevee and said “THEY NEED TO LEAVE”. As slyveevee turned around she replied “THEY ARE PEACEFUL NOW” when the fight got tough slyveevee changed into normal form and took her ring off and threw it to pat “FIND A DIFFERENT WOMAN IM TIERD OF THESE FIGHTS” she said with rage in her eyes “FINE BUT YOU ARE IDK A BAD QUEEN LETTING THE ENEMIES STAY EVEN IF THEIR GOOD BOW THEY COULD TURN INTO BETRAYERS” pat said with rage in his eyes when par said that slyveevee formed a elemental ball saying “LEAVE!”. Pat left the kingdom slyveevee gave cooper his championship back for tennis and banned pat from the kingdom then she went into her room slammed the door seeing the pictures of her and pat she ripped pat off every picture he was in since then she loaved pat. One day a letter came in from pat it said ‘dear slyveevee,

You might not know but your a bad queen admit it u suck as a queen idk what you did to deserve it but im sure u had to leave your little nooby life so u don’t deserve queen.

From pat’

Clenching her fist in anger she ripped the paper into shreds told drake to find pat and put him in a dungeon. Two mouths later drake came back with pat, slyveevee gave a smirk showing hatred pat did it back slyveevee ordered pat to the dungeon and to put him in a cell.


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