Chapter 13 queen of aberration

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Chapter 13 queen of aberration

“Finding draco”

Sylveevee wanted to find draco she told moonhigh to be in charge while shes gone. She went into the wild but she saw pat he was staring at her with cold blue eyes sylveevee said “skyocean i know thats you pat has green eyes” then skyocean changed back to normal and said “how did you-“ sylveevee paused him and said “i know about pat” then they walked to find draco they heard something twenty minutes later they saw three baby drakes sylveevee asked what they were doing here “looking for our master draco” the three baby drakes replied Sylveevee noticed they were lost finding draco just as she was “whats your names” slyveevee said “mika” the first baby drake said “missa” the second baby drake said “miana” the last baby drake said then they chatted for a while while walking then they bumped into a gate a drake said “HALT” slyveevee and skyocean stopped then the drake said “missa, miana, and mika come up here i see you were lost and these humans helped you?” “Yes” missa, miana, and mika replied the drake sniffed slyveevee he looked in surprise he said “let me take you to our king” sylveevee followed she was hearing whispers around her when they got there rhe drake said “your majesty I think i might have found her the person from your visions” the person sitting on rhe throne was draco he said “let me speak to her alone” the drake left the room leaving sylveevee and draco alone “you are sylveevee am i right?” Draco asked “yes draco” sylveevee said “so sylveevee how has things been going for you as a queen i hear you have adopted two children moonhigh and sunhigh” draco said “yes” sylveevee replied calmly “i dont remember you being that tall” draco said “i know” sylveevee replied calmly then the drake came busting in as draco was saying “you know your different than-“, “THE BETRAYER IS BACK WITH MORE REINFORCEMENTS” the drake exclaimed draco had a worried look on his face sylveevee said “i’ll deal with this its probably pat i hate pat” she said mad. Draco said “the betrayer is pat” he said coldly sylveevee said “well ima deal with him” she said evily “dont you worry” she said in a angry voice changing into a reaper pat was there all right he looked right at sylveevee with anger sylveevee hit pat with a powerful blow knocking him out of dracos kingdom the dinos that were with him ran away. She turned to normal entering the castle draco was staring in shock sylveevee said “i dealed with that problem again…” then draco said “if you want you can leave” he said still shocked sylveevee went back to her kingdom and skyocean ran away once again. Moonhigh had kept the kingdom at peace slyveevee went back to her throne moonhigh got off it as sylveevee entered. Sylveevee sat on her throne she saw sunhigh entering with eyes of sadness he went to sylveevee and explained he said “mina the baby drake just hurt herself on a rock she is hurt badly im not sure she will survive” he said sadly sylveevee hugged him and said “its up to life to decide her path” she said as calm as she could sunhigh went to his room with moonhigh to calm him then she realized sylveevee herself should sleep she got in bed and dreamed of something was it a prophecy or not that will be explained in well the next chapter…


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