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From Ben

btw Chapter 54 is out in Megalodon if you all dont know. Do you know? I dont know!

nice, 2 more chapters! And I cant believe my lucky guess was true, Cyrus is a werewolf! Or at least becomes one when the moon is out.. This certainly does answer a lot! And its nice how Cyra and Jack care about each other, it definitely shows since Cyra doesnt want to split up with Jack because she fears his safety, and Jack wants to split up because hes afraid hes slowing Cyra down. I wonder what theyre going to do to stop Cyrus' rampage, obviously his power is dangerous to others since he has no self control, so why would he still have the medallion around? I guess its cause its practically unstoppable. I wonder if youll go over that Sunny, the possibility of removing a medallion. Usually medallions help you, but in this case its dangerous to the user and others. Well i cant wait for the next chapter! And youre welcome,

Uhh, right, crossover, okay i guess ill spill the beans for what i think sounds cool, and you can agree disagree add on give some input.

Okay, so theres basically an alternate dimension, universe, reality, whatever. No one knows who or what created it, but its basically a giant party house in the middle of a giant city. Throughout space and time, the dimension pulls in thousands of characters from stories across all realities. Thats basically how the crossover would go. Obviously it would be non-canon to all stories, this is just a fun experiment to see how characters would interact with characters from other stories, and what types of shennanigans theyd get into. I dont think itd be too much of a series thats worked on constantly, but if anyones feeling tired, burnt out, or just wants to do it for fun they can make the next chapter.

Im thinking when we write a chapter or segment, itd be in the pov of the characters from our respective story. itll kind of be like Chap 23.5 of TAOH. Just mess around and have fun with it.

Ok thats all seeya later! Tell me what you all think! Anyone can join in!

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