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From Ben

First off Sylveevee thanks for answering my questions! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Queen of Aberration.

So uh, I made up some questions. Just to keep us occupied. Yknow? Questions revolving your own story, and, others youve read here.

Okay, first one… Let’s see, uh, this one is about the story you’ve written.. Out of all the characters youve written, which one do you hate the most? An abhorrent, appalling sack of beans who you wouldn’t mind killing off… five times over!!!

Second one. Uh, what’s the most memorable scene in the stories you’ve read so far?

Third question. Would you consider adding PAUL to your story as a true side character? JK, but, would you? Third question for real: If there is one thing you could tell to your favorite characters of the stories you’ve read (yours included), what would it be?

Fourth and final question: i hope this isn’t too personal, but what was the biggest reason for choosing your alias?

I chose Ben because that is my name! Can’t get any simpler than that. Also, because I feel like if I went by a nickname, I would forget my own name… Yeah, I don’t want that. Ben is fine.

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