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From Ben

Woo hoo more chapters!

First of all, thank you for your input on my question! So it seems the majority of you really enjoy Samuel’s POV of TAOH. Well, I agree with you, sometimes. It focuses more on the ARK aspect of the story. Anyway, I think you all like the other POV’s as well, just not as much as Samuel and his crew. Well lucky you… the next chapter is planned to finally return to Samuel and his crew!

Oh yeah btw there’s no mind control shenanigans going on in Chapter 52… Just a bar fight that happened because of a drunk. So, yeah. What was the point of this chapter then? First, to introduce Big Jack (who btw, is related to someone already introduced in TAOH), and two, to demonstrate how Warren fights. And also to just delve into the world of the United Republic of Democracies… OKay moving on

Wyvernian, I enjoyed reading Chapter 40 and 41! And the sea serpents are back! Oh my I almost forgot why Nash was trying to get the artifact heh heh, he was trying to get it to help get Seascale recover back to full health! Well now the problem is, where is Skyla, and is she still alive? I hope so, she was just as noble and brave as her ally Nash!

I’m glad the Snow ARK is back in tip-top shape, no longer shall it be ruled by the tyranny of that scoundrel Frozt! Of course now the problem arises, where this infamous prisoner Khar could be. What types of crimes has he done? I sure hope it wasn’t much! Hmm, what if… it’s an alter ego of Alfred? Bahh, that doesn’t make sense. Maybe Khar has kidnapped Alfred? Anyways I’m excited to see where the Pengujas and Captain Ron and his crew have to do next to liberate the element mines or wherever the element is coming from. What type of enemies will they meet? Hey, maybe we’ll meet an Iceworm sometime soon! Fingers crossed, that’d be cool!

Before I go to the next story, I do have a few questions for you Wyvernian.

How many more chapters do you think Protectors of Pandora will have before the climax?

Are you going to write a third installment of the Pandora Chronicles?

Am I spelling your name right? I sure hope I am!

OK CHAP 23 of TDP… let’s see, oh yeah, they got caught, huh? Ha ha that was kinda funny. I don’t think William or Nora minded as much, but Cyrus was definitely ANGRY. He’s the overprotective brother, huh? Well I can’t blame him. I would be worried as well if someone close to me was mingling with a potentially dangerous stranger… but I do hope the two find a way to resolve their conflicts. I think Cyra is perfectly capable of protecting herself, Cyrus, just like she said! She does have super speed. We still dont know your power though Cyrus… Hmmmmm

OKAY, uh, i’m going to ask something else, in a new message. I’ll see you then!

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