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From Ben

Journey chap 1 is out woo hoo! That was a fun read to see Forest again in this AT, even though not much happened in this chapter it sets up whats going to happen next.. a reunion!

Through The Eyes of the Peak Dark Phoenix is out with 3 new chapters. Romance romance romance, love really is in the air! Eric proposes on a raft in the middle of the ocean to Elizabeth.. man 5 years together. This love lasted 5 years and now theyre getting married (i think 5 years, if theyre both 13 in Tortuga and theyre around 18 in TDP). And Cyra and Jack had a kiss under the moonlight! I did NOT expect that. And they may have gotten caught, idk if Cyrus will be so happy.. Well that was a lot to take in.

I actually love reading and writing cliffhangers. They make me hopeful, curious, sometimes dreadful. Sometimes I dont want to know at first. If we always know what will happen next, then it gets boring, right?

PS: Glad you all liked 51 of TAOH. Calem is actually also based off a writer/reader that used to be in Achatina in The Obelisk's prime time. (2023) He went by the alias, The One Who Reads, but also went by Calem.

OK, later everyone!

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