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From Ben

I just wanna go on a little rant about revenge fantasies, half of the time they are STRAIGHT. UP. GARBAGE.

Im moreso talking about romance stories. Revenge in romance has got to be the corniest thing that has ever graced my ears and eyes. Goodness gracious almost all the time, and I mean ALWAYS, it ends up being some guy getting back at the girl who rejected him. Some lame ass story writing, not only does the character deserve getting rejected most of the time but they didnt even work hard for getting their "revenge". Such goofballery i actually hate poorly written revenge fantasies. And dont even get me started on the little kids who eat it up its always 8 year old dudes who trash on the girl because she didnt want to get with the main lead. Lame fandoms and lame story, boring boring boring. Its just so deplorable.

Revenge isnt SUPPOSED to be the 1st option to everything. Things can happen because of misunderstandings or because we made the mistake ourselves. Now obviously when a guy kills your parents because you didnt want to get with him... (erm, Michael), maybe it wouldnt be such a bad idea to kill him. But if all they did was crease your shoes, or dare i say... Reject your love, then whats the point of getting revenge by beating them up like bro just move on.

I actually hate revenge fantasies so much. Lame storywriting, lame lame lame. Just an attempt by the author to allieviate whatever rejection theyre going through. Poorly written garbage. Oh hey Journey came out gotta read it.

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