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From Ben

Okay so moving on THE OBELISK’S EPILOGUE. The Epilogue was really heartwarming, Moon you definitely did a good job on it! Even though the group hug was cheesy, it was definitely well deserved of everyone. And Forest coming back home and reuniting with his siblings was also a bit of a tearjerker 🥲, but, hey, it’s over. No more fear in Fjordur, everyone can live peacefully. But maybe not, there’s always going to be something bad happening, right? Hopefully not, the Five must stay at peace after all they’ve been through. And finally thanks for reading my story, pretty cool how a legend within the community has read my story!

Okay so also in Chapters 15-16 of TDP SO MUCH WAS REVEALED. First of all is Cyrus afraid of his vegetables? Why else wouldn’t he eat them? HA HA that was a little funny to me Sunny but I bet there’s a bigger reason behind it. At first I was thinking it has to do with his powers, but ehhh that doesn’t make sense because otherwise Nora and William wouldn’t serve him vegetables. Also there must be a really bad wolf problem outside. Is Cyrus a werewolf? Eh, doubt it. I just randomly got that thought. Anyway, NOW THAT MAKES SENSE. So descendants of the Phoenixes can bring back memories… that certainly makes so much sense considering the climax of House of Madness. Also the Achatina reference was really cool I enjoyed that easter egg heh heh. ALSO PAUL IS ALIVE. Unless he isn’t, and Paul’s death took place after this book. NO. NO PAUL IS ALIVE. BECAUSE HE IS THE COOLEST AROUND AND THATS THAT. SO HE IS NOT DEAD. And of course he is a commander, fitting for someone as cool as him. And now looking at it, what nation does Tortuga even belong to? Is it independent or a city of another Phoenix nation? Now I’m really wondering considering it didn’t seem to follow the laws of another nation. Not only that but if Tortuga had been bombed by the British then the nation it resides in would be pretty damn mad! Well we’ll figure out soon.

Okay. Well, I’m going to go. Remember to bring me your questions so I can feed!!!

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