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Bens QandA

Sunny asks, “Who is Tiffany and will they find her?” - A: Tiffany is one of the Originals, and a large fan of certain stories revolving a dinosaur game. And will they find her? Uh, maybe? Heh heh heh.

Sunny asks, “Why does D.T guy continuously put his son back in the games?” - A: Remember that the President (DT Guy)’s intentions of putting all the scholars on the ARK was to finish his story. So DT Guy put his son in this game because he wants to finish his story. You can assume this was done to finish the previous season, as in this alternate timeline DT Guy finished Dodo Tales Season 4, but never managed to finish Season 5.

PrimalApex asks, “How many more writers/readers do you plan on adding cameos or characters for in your story?” - A: Okay, so, I think everyone’s been introduced by now. If not, that most likely means they are already in the story, it’s just either 1. They’re not revealed who they represent or 2. You haven’t discovered who they represent. Oh, yeah, there’s ONE more writer. But he’s so obscure that you probably don’t even know him or his story. I guess I might as well spill the beans; this unnamed individual made a story known as ‘John’s Adventure’. Why did I choose this story? Because this person was the ONLY person who finished their story (or at least one season), of their story in 2022. So even though his story isn’t as long as mine or as skillfully written as mine, I respect the creator a lot for managing to finish the story. And also for giving back to the community by talking back to his singular fan (which I also respect a lot, something I see most creators fail to realize). Well enough yapping from me, next question!

PrimalApex asks “How many more parts will you be doing of TAOH?” - A: The parts of TAOH are only there for visual purposes. You will not see them on the Dex labeled as “TAOH - Part 2/Season 2”. There will be 1 more ‘part’ of TAOH, 50 more chapters, and then it’s over. At least I hope 50 more chapters. May 51 (ugh, ugly number).

PrimalApex asks “Will TAOH include other maps like Scorched Earth or Aberration or will there be a sequel/sequels or prequels to TAOH?” - A: TAOH will not include other maps of the Ark chronicles. I know, I know, VERY SAD, but there’s important reasons for that. First of all I’ve only ever played The Island on Ark, so I know literally NOTHING about the other maps other than the lore and the bosses and creatures. Secondly, it’s important to note that this doesn’t follow the exact story of Ark, which means there’s only one ARK in existence in the TAOH universe. And to answer the second part to this question, there will not be a sequel to TAOH. I know, SAD AGAIN. But I have a feeling the ending of TAOH will conclude EVERYTHING. As for prequels? Well…Originally, NO, but then there was a change of plans. After very careful consideration, the story of TAOH actually takes place after a previous story of mine which is already finished!! It’s not ARK related, unfortunately (:cry:), even if there’s a few references, but, yeah, I mean I think that answers that question. If you guys are up to reading non-ARK related stories by me, let me know.

PrimalApex asks “Is there still only one Alpha on the Island?” - A: I’m assuming this means Alpha Creature. No, there are multiple. In Chapter 10 of TAOH, the President (DTG) orders the agents to release the rest of the alphas onto the ark. So they’ve already been released as evident in the Alpha Leedsichthys they encountered in Chapter 19. Does that mean the characters will see the other Alpha creatures? Absolutely! In fact you may have already seen one already! Hidden away within the words of the story…

PrimalApex asks “Are they all in a S-” - A: They are NOT in the letter S. Jokes aside, I think I know what you’re trying to ask… but I’m not going to answer, because I may be wrong.

PrimalApex asks “This may sound stupid, but if everyone has an implant. Does that mean they are still alive somewhere else or are they completely modified and no longer have that ability?” - It’s important to remember that not everyone has an implant: Samuel. The story doesn’t follow the exact timeline as ARK (the story takes place in 2027 if you read closely enough, and ELEMENT doesn’t seem to exist). So if you’re talking about the clone shenanigans that was revealed in Aberration, then no, there are no clones.

So that’s all questions. Man, it’s really fun answering questions. Come back with more questions later please! I love answering questions!

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