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from Ben

woah so many stories came out while i was sick! nicee, ATLWCS Chap 2 by Sandmaster, Ultimus Chap 3 by PrimalApex, PoP Chap 33-34 by Wyvernian, and THE OBELISK FINALE?!?!

First off, thanks for praying for us Sunny. I can feel the effects kicking in!

Alright so ATLWCS was cool Sandmaster I enjoyed seeing that altercation between Max and the king. The last line gave me a chuckle, hahaha! So the king is his descendant, and im guessing they both landed on the Island ark. Very cool, im wondering where this human pov story goes.

Ultimus Chap 3 was HEART WRENCHING Primal you got my gears grinding! I wonder what the plan theyre gonna do to their son Andrew is, it probably means hooking him up to the Simulation, right? Or putting his record on the Engramic Matrix? (they mentioned Santiago, which is exactly what they did), man I can feel Hunter's thoughts. He wants his son safe, but doesnt want the family apart. Really sad, really sad.. But I have a feeling Andrew is involved in the Prologue of this series.

Also since Obelisk is pretty much finished, is Journey gonna release soon 😳 ?!?!

Wyvernian i finished the previous 2 chapters, sorry that took a while! Ngl Chap 33 cracked me up, Salizar is SUCH a hater like he's literally crying for Caesar not to go up there because itll kill him just so he can get final blow 😭 And the fight between Nash and Prince Caldren was really epic. Im guessing Caldren is the Dinopithecus King, but Nash still came out on top! Nash really is living up to his name as a warrior. He may be the strongest out of the team yet!

Moon Chapter 99 was AMAZING i loved the ending! Nice place to end it off, first of all, 99, i think thats better than 100 (i know, sue me), but wow that ending was nice! Even though there was no epic fight scene, less is more. Jethezzar's death was inevitable, and he let his ambitions cloud his judgement. Thats why he died, not because he was weak in body but in mind. And man that last line tore me to shreds. Snow falling, where does snow fall in Fjordur?! But theres still so many unanswered questions! Like what happened to Ripper? The Terror Bird nation? Forest's parents? I hope that Epilogue comes out,!

And youre so right, Moon, the ride was pretty nice. Pretty cool Journey if I do say so myself 😉. I can See theres a lot of sequel potential, especially about The Rune but more imporantly how much this series means to you. Well all power to you, and thanks for this amazing story! (even though i havent been around for long.. 6 months doesnt feel too long to me)

Well, I am feeling better. Sooo i guess i should get to work! This should give me the boost I need.

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