To: Wyvernian, SunnyFox57

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To: Wyvernian, SunnyFox57

From: Ben

Just read “Protectors of Pandora” Wyvernian and I loved it! It has even more heart and awesome epicness in it and I can definitely see the improvement in this series. I like the idea that they’re all separated, so it’ll be tougher and they have their own problems to face. I loved the Amargasaurus attack, the Amargasaurus sound super crazy and I’m all for it, i also liked the Direwolves of the Ice Ark (whatever it’s called), like Charles, George, and Evelyn and Alfred, they represent the fact that carnivores aren’t really evil, they just need food, something that was greatly represented here in this story. I also like Caesar’s quick witted thinking when taking down the Fasolasuchus, and Bones is pretty chill too. The dream that Caesar has is sick too, it made me jump up in my room like “Damnnn, they boutta die!” Hopefully they don’t, but I’m clinging onto that hope, after all Salizar called them educated guesses. His ego will probably be his downfall. But good job working on this series, and Heroes of Pandora. Keep it up, you did great.

SunnyFox57 it’s not a problem, but hey now you know who’s real and who isn’t. I’m sure the impersonator thing will be combated easily with this. Besides, the impersonators don’t even sound like the person LOL 🤣

Okay now I’m off to read The Terrible Demise of Tortuga and A Hyaenodon’s Scars, later!


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