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I am not the only one that probably struggled to find the Wyvern Trench on Fjordur. I can show you where it is, how to prepare, what tames to bring.

How to Prepare;

1) Make sure to clear your inventory, most Wyvern Eggs are 50.0 which is 50 pounds! So if your inventory doesn’t have extra 50 pounds than you going to encumbered, and not be able to move then BAM Wyvern Food.

What Tames To Bring;

1) Argentives

2) Griffins

3) Wyverns

If you bring a land tame then you won’t be able to get to the eggs. Because you will be on the ground, BAM Wyvern Food. Also don’t bring an armada (army) just bring 1 TAME.

Where It Is;

If you go to they geyser area and go right, keep going until you reach the end of the island ,if you look left you find a gap in the land with stones in the shape of a hexagon ( has 6 sides), that is the Wyvern Trench.

I hope you liked this informational guide!

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